Sherbet Head

Sherbet Head
Running time 2:41
Appears on The Campfire Headphase


  • The recording seems to be slightly detuned.

Samples / Lyrics

  • Throughout the track is a recording of some human voices that are garbled and buried and are, therefore, hard to comprehend. The voices are clearest at the beginning, before the bass kicks in. Noticeable in this section is a man saying a word or two (0:00-0:04), a phrase said by a woman (0:10-0:12) and a phrase said twice by a third voice (0:20-0:24). It sounds like the microphone is being banged against objects as if somebody is walking around somewhere with a hand-held tape recorder. Also audible is the sound of a child screaming (0:57). Similar sounds continue on for the rest of the track's duration. Perhaps it is a field recording of some public space.


  • Sherbet is a frozen dessert made primarily of fruit juice, sugar, and water, and also containing milk, egg white, or gelatin. It originated in the Middle East almost before recorded history.[1]
  • Sherbet is also a powdered confectionery popular in the UK that fizzes in your mouth.[2]


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