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{{Infobox Song|
{{Infobox Song|
| name=Spiro
| name=Spiro
| runtime=1.8s
| runtime=0:01.8
| appearson=[ WARP20⁰]}}   
| appearson=[ WARP20⁰]}}   

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Running time 0:01.8
Appears on WARP20⁰


  • "Spiro" is a locked-groove track included on the "Warp20 (Infinite)" vinyl of the "Warp20 (1989-2009)" box set. All the loops on the disc are 1.8 seconds long if played at 33rpm, and so is "Spiro".
  • The snippet originates from a much longer track performed by Boards of Canada at Lighthouse Party in 2000. The locked-groove version is considerably pitched up.