Telephasic Workshop (song)

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Telephasic Workshop
Running time 6:35
Appears on MHTRTC


  • The voices that are all chopped up during the song are saying "now this is very irresponsible" there is also a Scottish accent saying "yer no gonnae" which translated means "you are not going to..." [Steven Harran]


  • Perhaps a reference to telophase, a part of cell division; the idea of a biological "workshop" [DC].
  • Perhaps also a reference to the Children's Television Workshop, who make Sesame Street (which BoC have sampled).
  • Telephasic: Tele: Of the mind, phasic: synchronized. This might be the meaning behind Telephasic Workshop; a meditative environment in which two or more individuals attempt to share a telepathic vision or idea. [Skytree]