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[[Catalog 3]] • [[Acid Memories]] • [[Closes Vol. 1]] • [[Play by Numbers]] • [[Hooper Bay]] • [[BoC Maxima]] [[Closes Vol. 1]] • [[AFOTv1]] • [[AFOTv2]]
[[Catalog 3]] • [[Acid Memories]] • [[Closes Vol. 1]] • [[Play by Numbers]] • [[Hooper Bay]] • [[BoC Maxima]]<br>[[Closes Vol. 1]] • [[AFOTv1]] • [[AFOTv2]] • [[Geogaddi (test pressing)]] • [[Geogaddi (promo)]]

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Releases viewtalkedit
Rare/Early releases

Catalog 3Acid MemoriesCloses Vol. 1Play by NumbersHooper BayBoC Maxima
Closes Vol. 1AFOTv1AFOTv2Geogaddi (test pressing)Geogaddi (promo)

General releases (albums)

Music has the Right to ChildrenGeogaddiThe Campfire Headphase

General releases (eps/12"s)

TwoismHigh ScoresAquariusTelephasic WorkshopPeel Session
In a Beautiful Place out in the CountryTrans Canada Highway

Live sets

Warp10The LighthouseAll Tomorrow's PartiesOther Live Sets


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