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The Cosmic Crofter

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The Cosmic Crofter was the webmaster of the EHX website, home to the earliest Boards of Canada web page.

A native of Edinburgh, Crofter had a close connection with many of the bands featured on EHX, including Boards of Canada. He posted exclusive content, such clips of the band's famous super8 footage shown during their concerts and audio clips of pre-Twoism work that has still, to this day, not surfaced in any other form.

He was also privy to knowledge about BoC's legendary pre-Twoism catalog, which he posted to an early version of the official Boards of Canada website. However, despite his considerable access to the band, he stated that even he himself had not heard this materal.

He was also a frequent contributor to the IDM mailing list. He was responsible for the dissemination of many of the original copies of Twoism, which he mailed to interested mailing list members. It was also on this list that the controversy over the pre-Twoism catelog arose, eventually prompting its removal from the Boards of Canada site. [1]

Always a mysterious figure, the Cosmic Crofter never revealed his real name and deflected questions about himself. When asked if he himself was involved in any musical projects, he replied

"I exist only within a Cosmic Zone, formed by incantations spoken by the Crofters during the Clearances, to safeguard the future cultures, whatever they may be, in Scotland."

He did, however, provide an email address (crofter AT and a phone/fax number (0131 220 1205)

After running the Boards of Canada site, Crofter moved on to help form the Benbecula label, although his exact role is unknown. He is thanked on the credits section of Benbecula's page. As a gesture of thanks, Benbecula pressed a label CD for him of his own field recordings. The CD was never publically released, and Crofter is reported to have the only copy. He is now reported to be living pleasantly in the country in a small cottage; however, he does still seem to have some involvement with Benbecula, having penned obituraries for Ivor Cutler and John Peel for their website.


  • BEN 003: The Cosmic Crofter - Clear This (CD)

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