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Their official YouTube channel hosts not only their official videos but also has fan videos included in their playlists.

The Video Playlist[edit]

The Remixes Playlist[edit]

In Reverse[edit]


Dayvan Cowboy[edit]

"Dayvan Cowboy" directed by Melissa Olson

The first official video, released online and in a promo DVD included with WarpMart pre-orders of Trans Canada Highway.


"Invocation" directed by Melissa Olson

Promo video for Trans Canada Highway and bonus feature on the Japanese release.

Cosecha Signal One[edit]

"Cosecha Signal One" directed by Neil Krug' featuring photography by David Myrick

Promo TV Ad for code 699742, featured on Cartoon Network's 'Adult Swim' / Loading Bay art gallery video projection.

  • The Spaniard: "There is a Turquoise Hexagon Sun in 'Boards of Canada - Cosecha Signal One". [1]
  • David Myrick: "So happy to see this out and being well received... This was shot on a Bolex 16mm camera "Old School Hand Crank"... This was such a special thing to be a part of and we brought the real deal... All in camera effects... Director Neil Krug & I had a powerful pow wow and set out to the desert to make magic!!! With the help of our Key Grip Colin Stoye we were able to put the camera in places that they did not do in the 70's." [2]

Tomorrow's Harvest[edit]

"Tomorrow's Harvest" directed by Boards of Canada

Promo video for Tomorrow's Harvest.

Reach For The Dead[edit]

"Reach For The Dead" directed Neil Krug'

Promo video of the "Reach For The Dead" single. First aired in Shibuya-ku Tokyo as part of the Tomorrow's Harvest viral marketing campaign.

Lake Dolores[edit]

Directed by Neil Krug'.

See also: Tomorrow's_Harvest_Viral_Marketing_Campaign#Lake_Dolores


BMW 7-Series[edit]

"Pool" directed by Daniel Barber

"Kid For Today" from In a Beautiful Place Out in the Country used on a European BMW automobile ad featuring the 7-Series luxury sedan.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class[edit]

"Rue the Whirl"



"Statistics" directed by Chris Cunningham

"The Color Of The Fire" and "5.9.78", used on a European Nissan automobile ad. "5.9.78" is not commercially available, but can be found on the bootleg A Few Old Tunes.

Zero Gravity[edit]

"Zero Gravity"

"Dayvan Cowboy", used on a American Nissan automobile ad. Nissan showcases the 2014 Altima.

Telecom Italia[edit]

"Quiet" directed by Chris Cunningham

"Untitled", used on a commercial for Telecom Italia, directed by Chris Cunningham, who is also well-known for his video work with Aphex Twin. This piece is not commercially available but a portion of this track seems to be sampled on "A Is To B As B Is To C" from the Geogaddi album. Coincidentally, the commercial features movie star Leonardo DiCaprio.

Directory of Photography's page

Liberty Mutual[edit]

Harmony Korine has directed a series of Liberty Mutual commercials that began airing on TV in the US May 2009. The first two ads feature "Corsair" and the third one features "Ready Lets Go" by Boards of Canada.

Unfortunately these videos had to be removed due to a copyright complaint.

Nike Skateboarding[edit]

Nike's skateboarding division has uploaded a strange short film to YouTube. It features "Reach For The Dead" as its soundtrack. [1]

WATMM video contest[edit]

WATMM hosted a Boards of Canada video contest in late 2002. The videos were judged by Mike and Marcus themselves, who picked the winners as follows:

  1. "Gyroscope" by Billy Clayton
  2. "June 9th" by Sam Smith
  3. "Corsair" by Magnus Hedberg

Billy Clayton[edit]

Sam Smith[edit]

Magnus Hedberg[edit]


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