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{{Infobox Song|
{{Infobox Song|
| name=Zoetrope
| name=Zoetrope
| runtime=5.19
| runtime=5:19
| appearson=[[In a Beautiful Place out in the Country|IABPOITC]]}}   
| appearson=[[In a Beautiful Place out in the Country|IABPOITC]]}}   

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Running time 5:19
Appears on IABPOITC


  • A zoetrope has a revolving drum with a picture inside, which is a series of frames (e.g. of a person running, a horse galloping, or something of that sort); when the zoetrope spins, a crude "animation" can be seen through slits in the drum. Its British inventor called it the "Daedalum" (wheel of the devil), whereas the American developer opted for the more uplifting name zoetrope (wheel of life).
  • There's also American Zoetrope, a film studio founded by Francis Ford Coppola.
  • From the Jockey Slut interview:

"As the title indicates, the new EP is typically BoC. Kid For Today sounds like what it is - a Music Has the Right to Children contender, while Amo Bishop Roden and Zoetrope (named after Francis Ford Coppola's San Francisco studio) go deeper into the hazy territory between sleep waking. "It's like when you glaze over when you're listening to something," says Marcus, "but you're still there at the same time."