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Everything You Do Is A Balloon

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Everything You Do Is A Balloon
Running time 7:02 (Hi Scores)
6:56 (Boc Maxima)
Appears on Hi Scores
BoC Maxima


  • Regarding the title, the band has stated that:

Some titles are personal stories, such as Everything You Do Is A Balloon, which was a realization made long ago in the forest".[1][2]

  • The guitar piece at the fade out part of Everything You Do Is A Balloon has been sampled from the song Timeless by John Abercrombie. [3]

  • Twoism user Witto noticed the following:

...every time the beat throws in a funky little snare drum roll, a new element is introduced into the song. I think the first thing that's added is a hi-hat choke.

Samples / Lyrics[edit]



Video featuring footage from a 1963 bicycle safety video called 'One Got Fat'

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  2. "The Age of Aquarius" by the Cosmic Crofter