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:*"Satellite Anthem Icarus" (4:41) ["Up From The Coast" by Freescha]
:*"Satellite Anthem Icarus" (4:41) ["Up From The Coast" by Freescha]
:*"Peacock Tail" (5:31) ["Watcha Gonna Go For It?" by Freescha]
:*"Peacock Tail" (5:31) ["Watcha Gonna Go For It?" by Freescha]
:*"Dayvan Cowboy" (4:19) [unknown]
:*"Dayvan Cowboy" (4:19) ["Acorns and Matches" by Lineland]
:*"A Moment of Clarity" (1:39) ["Mollusc Media Experience" by Kettel]
:*"A Moment of Clarity" (1:39) ["Mollusc Media Experience" by Kettel]
:*"'84 Pontiac Dream" (5:15) ["Kid Brother" by Freescha]
:*"'84 Pontiac Dream" (5:15) ["Kid Brother" by Freescha]

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Before any discussion of specific tracks or releases can take place, it is important to consider several important realities about Boards of Canada's discography: 1. Boards of Canada rarely and inconsistently release albums. Because of this, it is very common for tracks or albums to be released or announced within the community as a joke on the community. Sometimes, even, for unknown reasons, artists deliberately choose to circulate their own work on peer to peer networks as the work of Boards of Canada. With very few exceptions, those tracks and albums not explicitly outlined in the discography found here on the wiki are fake by default. The number of these forgeries seems to grow rather than decline, and while the vast majority of the tracks known to the community are included on this page, it is by no means an exhaustive list of the music marketed as Boards of Canada on the world wide web.

2. Boards of Canada's back catalog (Pre-Twoism) is a subject of controversy. While the community seems to generally agree upon the genuineness of BoC Maxima, Old Tunes Vol. 1, Old Tunes Vol. 2 and the Random 35 Tracks Tape, all of the other pre-Twoism releases are believed to be unavailable online. Closes Vol. 1 and Hooper Bay fakes circulate especially often online, and appear in various forms, but in all cases have been rejected by the community as being legitimate Boards of Canada releases. The only copies known to exist of these early albums are believed to be owned by the friends and family of Boards of Canada, who have never posted them online.

3. Sometimes users poorly or inaccurately tag MP3s. Some legitimate Boards of Canada tracks are mislabeled. For instance, "David Came To Mahana'im" and "Sir Prancelot Brainfire" are commonly confounded mp3s on P2P networks. It is important to either find a reliable source for the legitimate pre-Twoism releases, or to pay careful attention to track times to ensure that they are properly labeled.

That said, the following are bootlegs and fakes well known to the community:


Boards of Canada: Unreleased Tracks 12" [Clone Records]

Side B
Side A

This record appeared in auction in 2007. It includes a number of Boards of Canada tracks, culled from Skam's ultra-rare Mask series. In March 2007, We Are the Music Makers admin Joyrex positively identified the record as a bootleg unauthorized by Skam. The tracks are believed to have been cut from mp3, though the relative quality of the recording is a subject of debate.

Tracklisting (per the label)

  • A1 - Midas Touch (Remix)
  • A2 - Korona
  • B1 - Trapped (Hell Interface Remix)
  • B2 - Trapped (Short Slow Version)

Note that discogs' page for this release indicates that the label's tracklisting is inaccurate.

Boards of Canada Live @ Warp 10 1999 + All Tomorrow's Parties 2001


Boards of Canada Live @ Warp 10 1999 + All Tomorrow's Parties 2001 appeared in auction in February 2008. It purports to be a collection of Boards of Canada's live tracks from the Warp 10 and ATP sets that are now in wide circulation on Peer to Peer networks, as well as a recording of their Peel Session.

The bootlegger, however, did not do his homework, and included non-live tracks such as "Orange Romeda" (which was featured in neither of the live shows OR the Peel Session,) and failed to include ALL of the Peel Session tracks included on the standard release.

It is also worthy of note that the bootlegger's artwork indicates that the All Tomorrow's Parties of 2001 took place in Los Angeles, California. The real ATP of 2001 took place in England.

All things considered, it is one of the more sloppy Boards of Canada bootlegs in circulation.

Fake Artwork and Non-Existent Albums

Occasionally releases are announced or artwork is produced by the community as a joke on the community. Sometimes these releases and artwork gain enough currency that they become recurring topics on IDM related forums. Here are a few of the more prevalent:

Chaosmachine's Live at Hexagon Sun

Inaccurately Tagged

Many tracks exchanged on peer-to-peer networks as the work of Boards of Canada are in fact (and sometimes intentionally) mislabeled. The following is a list of these tracks, in some cases including (when known) the real author of the track in brackets.

Five Fake Supposed "2004 Album Promos"

  • '"106" [Ross Dickinson/rossisdead]
  • "All Things Are Numbers"
  • "Floatee"
  • "Oranges and Flowers"
  • "Samflower"


"A Tribute to Blade Runner" [Mislabeled Cosmic Baby]

"Echo the Sun" (8:47) [purported to be from 'Acid Memories']

"Alpha and Omega (Live)" [Legitimate Boards of Canada track slowed down]

"Alpha Chime"

"Always Remember to Respect your Mother"

"Argonaut" [Mislabeled Mouse on Mars]



"Birthday Tape / Incandescent Autumn" [Mislabeled Chaosmachine]

One of several fake versions of "The Campfire Headphase" [appeared on P2P networks and/or MP3 newsgroups shortly after album announced in 2005]

  • "Into the Rainbow Vein" (1:39) ["Isotopes" by Freescha]
  • "Chromakey Dreamcoat" (4:30) [unknown]
  • "Satellite Anthem Icarus" (4:41) ["Up From The Coast" by Freescha]
  • "Peacock Tail" (5:31) ["Watcha Gonna Go For It?" by Freescha]
  • "Dayvan Cowboy" (4:19) ["Acorns and Matches" by Lineland]
  • "A Moment of Clarity" (1:39) ["Mollusc Media Experience" by Kettel]
  • "'84 Pontiac Dream" (5:15) ["Kid Brother" by Freescha]
  • "Sherbet Head" (4:15) ["Drive Me Wide" by Freescha, reversed]
  • "Oscar See Through Red Eye" (2:16) ["The Sun Is Still" by Freescha]
  • "Ataronchronon" (4:26) ["Rap The Beat On" by Freescha]
  • "Hey Saturday Sun" (2:37) ["Cherry Blue Boo" by Freescha]
  • "Constants Are Changing" (6:23) ["Henry Hudson" by Freescha]
  • "Slow This Bird Down" (4:04) ["Star Black" by Freescha]
  • "Tears From The Compound Eye" (3:33) ["Radio Heart" by Freescha]
  • "Farewell Fire" (5:36) ["Slo Bid Bellwave" by Casino Vs. Japan]
  • eleven short silent tracks to yield a total track count of 27
  • "Hidden Track" (7:46) ["Ancient Campfire (Shenzhou)" by Biosphere]

Another fake version of "The Campfire Headphase":

  • "Tears From The Compound Eye" (3:10) ["Jalsaa" by Team Techno (]
  • "Slow This Bird Down" (7:39) [a section of "Sofia" by Nintariman (]
  • "Ataronchronon" (8:31) ["Falcor" by Team Techno (]

"Chocky - Come" [Mislabeled Mogwai]

"Circle" (Non 0:35 version, purported to be from 'Hooper Bay')

"Circle" (2:37) [Mislabeled Múm's "We Have A Map Of The Piano", purported to be from 'Hooper Bay']

Four 'Closes Vol. 1' Fakes

  • "Treeline" (1:12) (also 'Seward Leaf')]
  • "Godever"
  • "Fonec" [Mislabeled legitimate Boards of Canada track: "Korona"]
  • "Trillions" (3:31)

"Code 2"

"Cold" [Mislabeled Plaid, from their Peel Session]

"Dark Song"


"Dub Plate"

"Echo the Sun" (5:40) [Mislabeled Gescom's "Stoop", a hidden track on Skam's Skampler)

"Eno Test" (4:37) [Mislabeled Marumari]

"Fall in Love"

"Funk Jam"

"Geiser" (5:14) [Mislabeled Múm's "Smell Memory", purported to be from 'Hooper Bay']

"Giant Bursting"


"Gyroscope Z" [Mislabeled Chaosmachine "A Reason For Today"]

"Hooper Bay" excerpts (Fake)

  • "Seward Leaf" (1:06)
  • "Geiser" (1:37)
  • "Circle" (1:34)
  • "Noatak" (3:01)
  • "Point Hope" (1:31)

"Jega" [Believed to be a mislabeled track from Skam's Mask series]

"Kaleidoscope" [Mislabeled 'Time Apple', from Boards of Canada's website]

"Last Snowstorm"

"Lavender Trapezoids" 5 Track EP (Fake)

  • "Nskino" (2:42) [Mislabeled CiM's "Disco Alta"]
  • "Rhomboid" (5:39) [Mislabeled CiM's "Isempty"]
  • "Lavender Trapezoids" (3:29)
  • "Golden Hinterland" (1:55)
  • "Untitled" (1:22)

"Litter Duty"

"Look Within"

"Mathematics of Summer"


"Merck Construct"

"Middle Fields"

"Neotropic Doyouknowhowtowaltz Vert" [sic] (actually: Low - Do You Know How To Waltz (Vert) (Neotropic Remix))

"Nickle Bag of Funk Perhaps"

"Northwest Water" [Probably mislabeled Legofeet, from Skam's 'Skampler' compilation]

"Parson" (5:12) [Mislabeled Marumari]

"Psil Coysin"

"Remix of Rick Strom"

"Seba and Lotek - So Long"

"Seward Leaf" (7:01) [Mislabeled Múm's "Slow Bicycle", purported to be from 'Hooper Bay']

"Smokes Quantity --- Qtated by Pbo"

"Stry Craty Bya" (4:37) [Mislabeled Marumari, same track as Eno Test]

"Sur Round"

"The Traveller and in Motion (Believe)" [sic]

"T-Shirts for Anyone"



"Would You Like To Play?"

"Yellow Hexagon Sun"