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Here you can find the #linkinbio items mentioned on the official bocpages Instagram account.

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Six Most Recent Links
Date Link
2021-10-10 My Top 10 (spotify playlist)
2021-10-09 BoC photography colorized by AI
2021-10-07 Semena Mertvykh video by xmd5a
2021-10-06 MHTRTC cover location
2021-10-03 Quote TH vs Geogaddi
2021-10-02 Salad Fingers Full Series by David Firth

bocpages (news)

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Release Date Anniversary

This page shows the release date anniversaries of Boards of Canada's Albums and EPs.

Round Robin Tournament

BoC EP/LP Round Robin Tournament (Official Releases): schedule - ranking table

Boards of Canada (news)

Nevermen - Treat Em Right (Boards of Canada remix)

Societas x Tape, a 2hrs mixtape by Boards of Canada


A "brief" history of Boards of Canada

A Deep Dive Into Geogaddi | The Most Mysterious Electronic Album Ever Made

Boards Of Canada – A Complete Music Guide (2019)

Boards Of Canada – A Complete Music Guide (2019) by Basic Banana Boy. This article which is the only biggest resource of information all-on-one-page on the internet will delve deep into the true mind-fuck that is Boards of Canada.

This is hexagon sun: a video on Boards of Canada

The official Boards of Canada Twitter account [1] liked the following Spanish tweet. It translates to:

The enigma and influence of BoC is addressed in a new documentary of over 1 hour called 'This Is Hexagon Sun'.

Why I Love Music Has The Right To Children

Fans (amazing videos)

Jacquard Causeway, by Pisces Virgo Rising

June 9th, by Sam Smith

Sick Times, by xmd5a

Sick Times, by Winston Alexander

Telepath, by Drog

Fans (covers)

Echus, cover by Mansin

Everything You Do Is a Balloon, cover by Liarconfess

Dayvan Cowboy, cover by Liarconfess

Ready Lets Go / Music Is Math, cover by Liarconfess

Rodox Video (45rpm edit) by Lost and Obscure

Fans (mixes & mashups)

An essential mix by Asleepfromday

Anew Contraption, Mashup Mix by Audiodile

bæc, a 70 minutes of Boards of Canada vs Autechre mix

BoC Fan Edits & Rarities Mixtape by Skytree

Sometime in the future, a 'geogaddi' mix by DJ Food

Fans (quotes)


Fictional Old Tunes EP

Spotify Playlists


MHTRTC cover location

MHTRTC cover location

Salad Fingers

Salad Fingers Full Series by David Firth

The Beach at Redpoint photo collage source

The Beach at Redpoint photo collage source

Whitewater Lyrics

See: Whitewater