Magic Window

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Magic Window
Running time 1:46
Appears on Geogaddi

Magic Window is is track number 23 on the Geogaddi album. The song is one minute and forty-six seconds of pure silence.


  • Yes, despite persistent rumours to the contrary, it really is absolutely empty. It's easy enough for anyone who disagrees to check by ripping to WAV. And the vinyl version of the track ought to be a giveaway .... The 3xLP vinyl version of Geogaddi devotes the final side of vinyl to this track. There is no groove on that side, just a basic outline picture of a family: parents and two children. It's a bit similar to the plaque on the Pioneer space probe, an image that appeared briefly on an older version of the BoC website. Where the speed (33rpm or 45rmp) would usually appear, instead we have the cryptic "162.225 MHz". This is a frequency used by the military or coastguard [Robert Frost]. [Ken Stewart] also pointed out that it is a frequency used in the UK for (licensed) private mobile radion services, as listed here.