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== Videos ==
== Videos ==
== External links==
== External links==

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Michael Fakesch - Surfaise : The Trade Winds Mix By Boards Of Canada
Running time 6.13
Appears on MAS 04.01


Michael Fakesch - Surfaise (The Trade Winds Mix By Boards Of Canada) is a remix that appears on Michael Fakesch's Demon 1 12" on the Musik Aus Strom label (catalogue # MAS 04.01).

Samples / Lyrics

"the deal with Democrats, Republicans agreed to [???] ... language that would make even legal immigrants liable for deportation if they use government relief programs for one year out of their first seven in the country. President Clinton has held the accord(*), saying it fought illegal immigration without hurting innocent children or punishing legal immigrants. For the Christian Science Monitor, I'm Jon Decker in Washington." [1]


  • It has been suggested that the name 'Trade Winds Mix' may be a reference to an anecdote shared in passing by Michael Sandison in a 1998 Space Age Bachelor interview:

"It's a small world. I stayed in Braeside for a while and I remember a shoot out near the Trade Winds hotel, when I was told to get down on the floor of the car."[2]


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