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Opening The Mouth

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Running time 1:11
Appears on Geogaddi


  • If you listen very carefully, you can hear the word 'us' repeated throughout the track.


  • An Egyptian ritual [Sindawe]. "As the focus for offerings, the tomb was known as the "ka house"; statues of the deceased within the tomb are often called "ka statues" for the same reason. Statues of the deceased placed in the tomb serve as physical repositories for the dead person's spirit. Through the ritual of "opening the mouth," the statue was made an actual living being, able to receive offerings and live eternally as a physical container for the deceased's spirit (or "ka"). For these reasons, statues ideally were made of stone or other durable materials such as hardwood or metal."
    • [DC] was reading the book "how to read Egyptian hieroglyphics" (collier+manley), and found the following on p126: "The front cover shows a detail of an inscribed ritual tool used in the rite of 'opening the mouth' - an obscure ceremony designed to breathe life into an embalmed corpse, a statue or an inscribed image."

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