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Sick Times

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Sick Times
Running time 4:16
Appears on Tomorrow's Harvest


  • Joe Clay: "An imposing chord sequence and whooshing synths announce the arrival of the dopest beat yet – a seriously funky, chopped-up hip-hop break. There are trace elements of looped vocals and gorgeously woozy melodies. This is like a souped-up "Telephasic Workshop". There's a long fade with rumbling bass that makes the speakers tremble." [1]
  • Contains a secret message for beekeepers only. @Langstroth. -- @alphainvictus

Samples / Lyrics

  • Around 1:46 a voice appears to say 'thank you'. further unintelligible vocal samples continue throughout the track.
  • At 2:15, 2:24, 2:33, & 2:42 a modulated voice appears in the left channel saying something like "You'll believe anything" or "You keep leaving."
  • A looping sample after 2:15 saying 'six'
  • At 2:36 there's a high-pitched vocal out the right channel that says "chemtrails" with a sibilant "s" when reversed.



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