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Running time 5:48
Appears on MHTRTC


  • Forwards: At about 2:27, and elsewhere: "David Addison" (name of character played by Bruce Willis in the show Moonlighting). Alternatively,
    • [Derek] suggests that this is merely "What's happening?" and
    • [John M] is pretty certain it's "They're after me";
    • [DC] thinks it's David Addison, so readers will have to decide from themselves.
  • Throughout the song is the voice sample saying what appears to be "Watch it", followed by "It's alright".
  • Backwards: "There are a lot of different 'me's, you know. There's the mad me, when I get angry."
    • [DC] [Second quote: same Sesame Street vignette as "Whitewater" lyrics]
  • Samples the song "Getaway" by music group Earth Wind and Fire throughout the song. [1]
    • "I know we can!" plays at 2:17 in Sixtyten as well as in Getaway.


  • The separate vignette at the end of the track is believed to be a composition named "Blueberry".[2]