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  • ...t that the beginning of the track sounds rather like the beginning of A:B::B:C, and that "a little way through the track, a conversation starts. The two ..." can be heard in this song. Additionally, the beginning of [[A Is To B As B Is To C]] sounds similar to a bubbling cauldron.
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  • <br>michael sandison (b.1971) marcus eoin (b.1973) <br>michael sandison (b. 1971) marcus eoin (b.1973) 1977-1980: both started learning piano and guitar in the late seventi
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  • ...and downtempo experimentalism is about as warm and fuzzy as a horror-porno B-movie soundtrack.<br /><br /> ...synth flourish that sounds like an amalgam of every ABC, Lorimar, Stephen J. Cannell musical ID I'd ever soaked up as a kid. Most of the musical memori
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  • <blockquote>'Today’s youth has no respect anymore for A) Music, B) Acne, and C) Yesterday’s youth'</blockquote> ...e|Campfire]]'', I played a small part that resembles the jingle of Stephen J. Cannell Productions – you know, the producer of ‘[[wikipedia:The_A-Tea
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  • ...Run (1976), Silent Running (1972), Phase IV (1974), etc. - et des séries B paranoïaques du début des années 80 (notamment les films de zombie ital
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  • '''Encore peu d'albums pour ce duo mais déjà une influence écrasante sur la musique électronique. Eux puisent leur i Entre 1987 et 1996, plusieurs cassettes, désormais rarissimes, avaient déjà été éditées par le groupe : Acid Memories, Play by Numbers, A Few Old
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