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Running time 1:32
Appears on Tomorrow's Harvest


  • Telepathy is the supposed communication of thoughts or ideas by means other than the known senses. It was a major field of research for scientists during the early 20th century and into the Cold War. [1] Upton Sinclair also conducted telepathy experiments in the 30's.[2]
  • The audio distortions on the vocals of this track may have been modeled after the reported auditory distortions present in Microwave auditory effect [3], which was a facet of telepathy research during the Cold War. This auditory phenomenon was used to transmit sounds directly from a microwave emitter into the human brain. Researchers described that the auditory distortions inherent to this process caused "the sounds [to resemble] those emitted by persons with an artificial voice box." [4]

Samples / Lyrics

0:04 "Testing. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, (nine), ten. (oops) Up and down, quite a thing." (background) six, six, nine.

0:20: (Second voice) "On repeat. Give me a count."

0:23 "The stuff that they know, the one on the right and then turn it up, while I'm counting. One... three, four, fi-ive, six, seven, eight, ni- (garbled)"

0:43: (Second voice) "It's too loud." (Pitched down) "Plaid."

0:45 "Well, this is quite pleasant. Let's play it back and see what it sounds like."

(Second and third voice) "Could I get the one voice?", "Nervous!", "Don't be nervous."

"One, two, three, four, fi-ive, six, six, seven."


In one sequence, the number six is repeated in the background, the result sounding more like "666".


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  4. D.R. Justesen. "Microwaves and Behavior", Am Psychologist, 392(Mar): 391–401, 1975.

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