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House Of Abin'adab

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House Of Abin'adab
Running time 1:55 Old Tunes Vol. 1
1:04 Random 35 Tracks Tape
Appears on AFOT/OTV1


  • "House Of Abin'adab" most likely refers to a biblical house in which the ark of the covenant was stored for a length of time.[1] It has been speculated that the track name instead refers to Ahinadab, an officer appointed to the district of Mahanaim[2] (a biblical location referenced in another Boards of Canada track). However, this appears to be a coincidence, as a scan of the track listing of Old Tunes Vol. 1 clearly shows "Abin'adab" and not "Ahin'adab".
  • This track bears a resemblance to the extract of "Circle" from the early release Hooper Bay.

Samples / Lyrics[edit]


  • The version of "House Of Abin'adab" the Random 35 Tracks Tape is often attributed as the partial version of the one on A Few Old Tunes, but they are actually both partial versions of the same song. When synced, the length of "House Of Abin'adab" becomes two minutes and forty-six seconds long.


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