Sun Flower Festival

According to Alexander Reynolds this gig probably never happened. This was posted August 1st 1997 on eGroups.[1]

well, as the earlier fellow mentioned, bad vilbel was not as aesthetically impressive as i had thought, after listening to ae's rendition. the town is basically split in half -- the nothern side a rest stop for senior citizens with the money to burn; the other half a industrial suburb, dedicated to bottling the spring water which the name of the town implies. nothing sinister or 'bad vibe'-ish, as the music impressed upon me. i had visions of a decrepid town with miserable, greenish looking citizens, all wasted on bad acid. oh well. amber#'s 'montreal' wasn't too far off the mark.

sunflower was an absolute mess. it's been raining a lot in germany these past weeks, and the festival should have been called 'woodstock iii' or some such, due to it being held in some poor farmer's sunflower patch. a lot of warp and skam acts should have shown up, according to the schedule, but i guess due to the rain they decided to opt out -- including autechre, unfortunately -- and i don't blame em a bit. this would have been a great event, with acts like mike paridinas , andy maddocks, freeform, autechre, and boards of canada. i'd have asked for my money back but i had an alright time, i suppose, even though the festivaal was held twenty km northwest of regensburg, itself a good two hour trip away from muenchen. i had to perform heroic juggling acts to schedule this part of my trip -- wish i'd lived in europe instead of the states.

so, no autechre review. sorry, gang.

hope you're all well.




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