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Warp Factor Ten

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title Warp Factor Ten
author Toby Manning
publication Jockey Slut
date 1999/10
issue Vol.02 No. 22 (Oct/Nov 1999)
pages p.47
Warp Factor Ten is an interview by Toby Manning originally published Oct. 1999 in Jockey Slut magazine Vol.02, No. 22 (Oct/Nov 1999), p.47.

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Nostalgic pastoral electronic duo, holed-up in the Scottish Highlands...

What Warp record had the biggest influence on you?
Polygon Window (Aphex Twin) - Surfing On Sine Waves. I first heard it at a bonfire in the hills - friends used to make us tapes before we knew what it was. We were Warp pirates - we probably did them out a lot of money before we started making money for them.
How should Rob and Steve celebrate?
By presenting a cheque for ten million pounds to every artist with 'Canada' in their name!
What'll you be doing in ten years time?
Publishing books and releasing movies. That was the masterplan before we started doing Boards of Canada.
What's your weirdest Warp moment?
We were in Germany with Autechre and we were all pissed off 'cos we hadn't been provided with a trailer. Sean from Autechre broke into someone else's trailer and stole loads of champagne, distributed them to everyone then got so plastered that he got rugby a certain electronic artist[1] into the mud!
Who's your favourite Warp artist?
Slum - they did this limit 7" called 'Twilight Mushroom' - like a hybrid of Ween and My Bloody Valentine. It's a very un-Warp track - that's probably one of the reasons why I loved it.
What's happened to your album?
It'll come out in the spring of 2000. It'll be more organic - we're using a lot of vocals and flutes. It's not hippie shite though - it's all still synthesized. It's a huge psychedelic behemoth!



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