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Notable Interview Quotes

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Despite their public image of secrecy and their reclusive nature, the veil is occasionally lifted at the corners and insights into the workings and philosophy behind the music are revealed. Boards of Canada have taken part in numerous interviews (mainly by e-mail) over the years, effectively beginning as of their commercial success with Music Has The Right To Children and continuing into the present. For both the long term BoC fanatic and those that are new to the group, this page serves as a collection of notable and interesting quotes from their correspondence with the media.

The quotes listed below are arranged into categories based on subject matter. (This page will be expanded over time.)

Musical Process

  • Marcus: Mike has become a source of inspiration for the core of the songs, he always has unique melodies and strange and wonderful ideas.
  • Mike: Marcus' strengths are a great combination of musical experience. He is a great music producer and also the anti-producer in a way. A kind of guru in many ways. [1]




Hexagon Sun

  • March 2002. About the fabled Redmoon events. "It took place by a 16th century Monastery, mostly debris, with a partially Collapsed roof, a truly amazing place... Hidden in the forest, it became a feeling guarded by nature. Occasionally there are as many as a hundred people, this turned into fifty as the bonfire gradually turned to embers and with lights and candles, people came inside the monastery. A mysterious outdoor experience. A perfect place shrouded in western pine." [2]


  1. February 2002, 'In An Imaginary Place Out In The Country' Cookie Scene (Translated From Japanese)