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== Samples / Lyrics ==
== Samples / Lyrics ==
* At 01:34, a female voice says "Haha, yes."
* At 03:23, a male voice says "Listen" or possibly "Risen."
* At 03:23, a male voice says "Listen" or possibly "Risen."

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Reach For The Dead
Running time 4:47
Appears on Tomorrow's Harvest


  • A recurring motif throughout the song shares melodic similarities with the theme in the movie Zombie, albeit much slower. This may be intentional, as the score for the film was done by Fabio Frizzi and the band has specifically cited his work among others as influences towards the sound and production of Tomorrow's Harvest.

Samples / Lyrics[edit]

  • At 03:23, a male voice says "Listen" or possibly "Risen."


"Reach For The Dead" was released as a single in anticipation of the Tomorrow's Harvest release. It was given in advance as an MP3 download to those who pre-ordered Tomorrow's Harvest. [2] It was also part of the viral marketing campaign. The "Reach For The Dead" video was originally aired in Tokyo, and the following day, the full song was played on BBC Radio 1 followed by its reveal on the official Boards of Canada website.




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