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Semena Mertvykh

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Semena Mertvykh
Running time 3:30
Appears on Tomorrow's Harvest


  • The melody in this song was inspired by Mark Isham's soundtrack to Mrs. Soffel. [2]
  • There are similarities with the tracks Taj by Al Gromer Khan and Le Grand Vide by April Orchestra Library Music.
  • Mike had the following to say about this track:
" the end of the whole album, you've reached some sort of sanctuary and then the whole thing is stolen away from you again with the final track. That last track has a deliberate feeling of complete futility that I find kind of funny. That's where the obsessive, scientific work comes in, and yeah, it takes us ages."

Samples / Lyrics[edit]


  • Semena Mertvykh (Семена Мертвых) is Russian for "Seeds of the Dead". [3]


  • Fan video by twoism forum member "franton"

  • Another fan video

  • Another fan video

  • April Orchestra 40 - Le Grand Vide (possible infulence)

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