Global Tendencies

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Whether or not Boards of Canada actually performed at this event is debated. The story told by attendees and a few articles[1] says that many artists (including BoC) had to cancel due to the poor weather conditions and the bad organization of the festival's production company. However, a few attendees ensure that they in fact played, but that they did on a different time than scheduled (leaving many thinking that they didn't play).

More information and details of the show can be found on the Spanish forum ClubbingSpain [2][3].


The tracks said to have been played by one of the attendees are:

"A mixture of different tracks from Music Has the Right to Children ("Roygbiv", "An Eagle in Your Mind", "The Color of the Fire", "Telephasic Workshop", "Turquoise Hexagon Sun", "Aquarius", "Rue the Whirl" ...); from a previous EP (Hi Scores, Seeya Later, Twoism, Sixtyniner ...); and another track whose origin I do not know."