Hooper Bay

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Hooper Bay
Label(s) Music70
Catalogue No(s) THS012
Release date(s) 1994
Format(s) 12"
Running time(s) 30:52
Hooper Bay is the name of Boards of Canada's fifth known release. Hooper Bay introduced the use of children's voices (see Jockey Slut interview), a technique which would remain a staple of the band's style through the release of Geogaddi.

Hooper Bay is also an Alaskan village, a Cup'ik Eskimo settlement; the native name is Naparagamiut, but the name "hooper bay" came from a Post Office with that name established in the area.

Of the EP's five tracks, only a 35-second excerpt of Circle[1] (posted on the EHX website in the late 1990s) has been heard by those outside of the band's friends and family. A set of MP3s labeled Hooper Bay but with significantly shorter track times than the actual EP can be found on P2P networks; however, this set is mis-labeled and is not music by Boards of Canada. The track Seward Leaf is sometimes mistaken with mùm's Slow Bicycle.


  1. "Seward Leaf" – 7:02
  2. "Geiser" – 5:15
  3. "Circle" – 2:38
  4. "Noatak" – 8:41
  5. "Point Hope" – 7:16


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