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Trans Canada Highway

Trans Canada Highway
Label(s) warp/music70
Catalogue No(s) wap200
Release date(s) 29 May 2006
Format(s) 1xlp ep
digipak CD ep
card slipcase promo cd
Running time(s) 28:00

Trans Canada Highway is an EP by Boards of Canada. As described by Boards of Canada and Warp Records, the EP "visits a darker place, a glacial place, away from the warmth and light of The Campfire Headphase." Those who ordered the EP directly from Warp also received a sticker and a free copy of the Dayvan Cowboy music video.

Originally scheduled for release on 06/06/06 (perhaps to further their occult mythos), the release date was bumped up to 29 May 2006 (a day later in the US), due to what was described on the Warp website as "unanticipated satanic activity." The nature of this activity, whether it was directly related to Boards of Canada or not, has never been explained.

The EP garnered relatively lukewarm reception by critics and by many in the idm community, the latter of whom were suspicious about the commercial ambitions suggested by the re-release of "Dayvan Cowboy" as a single. Nevertheless, tracks such as "Left Side Drive" remain classics with the general Boards of Canada fanbase.

The ep was released on both CD and 12" formats. The latter was pressed on white vinyl.

In addition to the standard release, there is also a white label promo/test pressing on black vinyl which is identical in content to the official Trans Canada release. The CD version of the promo/test, however, is limited exclusively to the tracks "Dayvan Cowboy" and "Skyliner". The Japanese version of the ep (in cd format) on Beat Records additionally includes a 'Bonus Video' called "Invocation". This short .mpg file was also available in Flash fomat on the Trans Canada Highway microsite.

Trans Canada Highway Trivia[edit]

1977 dodge instruction manual
  • The cover art for Trans Canada Highway is believed to have been copied from a 1977 dodge instruction manual.
  • Odd Nosdam took 6 months to complete his remix of "Dayvan Cowboy".
  • Trans Canada Highway is also the name of a 1975 French single by Gene Pitney.
  • Named after the Canadian highway system.
  • Trans Canada Highway might also be a nod to Kraftwerk who recorded an album "Trans Europe Express", as well as the highway-themed single "Autobahn".
  • Also the video that was used as promo for the EP, titled Invocation, might also be a nod to the Incredible String Band; not only is an audiotrack used that samples ISB, but the title is also the title of a song released on their album "U".


  1. "Dayvan Cowboy" – 5:01
  2. "Left Side Drive" – 5:20
  3. "Heard From Telegraph Lines" – 1:09
  4. "Skyliner" – 5:40
  5. "Under The Coke Sign" – 1:31
  6. "Dayvan Cowboy (Odd Nosdam Remix)" – 9:22

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