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Semena Mertvykh

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Semena Mertvykh
Running time 3:30
Appears on Tomorrow's Harvest


  • Joe Clay: "All I wrote for this one was: "Drone. Heavy. Aeroplane over my house." And I'm afraid I can't really remember what it sounded like. I can tell you that the title translates as "Seeds of the Dead" in Russian." [1]
  • Playing up this recording's "cinematic" angle, and following the telepath's instructions to try listening "up and down," I reversed the order of the Tomorrow's Harvest track listing in my player: Try starting with Semena Mertvykh and ending with Gemini. Further evidence to support doing this is the version of Semena Mertvykh in the Cosecha Transmisiones teaser/herald's soundtrack, the remarkable overlay of the Reach For The Dead video forward & in reverse [1], as well as the performers' comments regarding the palindromic nature of Tomorrow's Harvest. I realize how subjective this sounds, but listening to the tracks in this order I get the impression that the more upbeat second half (that is, in the released order) is actually a sequence of cautiously optimistic vs. antagonistic/opposing vignettes, possibly ending in tragedy. In this order, Gemini might be a kind of post-credits epilogue that hints at the protagonist's failure. (e.g., Last Rights Of Spring/"Twin gods of death at the end of the tunnel"[2] & Virgil's The Aeneid Book VII[3])

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  • Semena Mertvykh (Семена Мертвых) is Russian for "Seeds of the Dead". [3]


  • Fan Video by twoism forum member "franton"

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