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* [ Slateford] a description of this collaboration, and a biography of its members.
* [ Slateford] a description of this collaboration, and a biography of its members.
* [ Spring_Alpha] official website.
* [ Spring_Alpha] official website.

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Dr Simon Yuill is a Scotland-based artist and programmer.

He was thanked on the artwork accompanying the A Few Old Tunes cassette. The extent and the nature of his involvement in that release, and whether he was ever officially a member of Hexagon Sun, are unknown at present.

His interests include art, music, politics, and free software. In 2004, he was the organizer of "Your Machines", a series of workshops and discussions about Free Open Source Software that were held in the CCA (Centre for Contemporary Arts) in Glasgow.

With Tryggve Askildsen, he is a member of the code-art collective "Slateford". Although the two have never met, they collaborate online to explore the aesthetics of old-school computer programming, but using contemporary equipment. All of Slateford's artistic output is in black and white.

Simon was also project director of "Spring_Alpha", a networked game set in a council estate; the game allows virtual "social experimentation", not only by means of normal game play, but also by modification of its own source code.

Dr Simon Yuill is at present a member of staff in the School of Media Arts and Imaging, in Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design (which is, itself, now a faculty of the University of Dundee).

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