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Christopher Horne


  • Former member of the band; left in early 1996, shortly before the band signed to Skam. [1]
  • Currently a solo electronic artist under the name Christ. signed to Benbecula. (Now a defunct record label as of 2009.)
  • Credited on original Twoism release but not credited on the 2002 re-release.
  • Thanked on A Few Old Tunes, which is credited only to "Mike + Marcus".
  • Horne left the band for personal reasons.


  • Only a minor member of Boards of Canada, which is why his name was removed from the re-release
  • Asked to have his named removed from the re-release to maintain his own identity seperate from the band.
    This seems consistent with Benbecula's policy of deflecting questions regarding his association with BoC and the complete omission of any mention of Boards of Canada on Christ.'s pages.
  • Christ. has a series of exceptionally rare early release, which are apparently in a house vein.

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