Running time 8:26
Appears on Live @ ATP

ATP-07 is an unreleased track that was played as part of a live set at All Tomorrows Parties (Live @ ATP). No other recordings of this song are known to exist.


  • 0:34 - A child saying "Louder!"
  • 2:23 onward - A vocoded female voice possibly saying "Electric Star"
  • 5:20 onward - "See the rainbow"

Alternatively, the child at 0:34 could be saying "Robert". This may have been taken from an early episode of The Cosby Show in which the Cosby family meets Stevie Wonder. (not confirmed)[1]

Crowd noise[edit]

As an audience recording, there is constant noise throughout the recording from the crowd. As Boards of Canada has used vocal samples, including recordings of groups of people talking (perhaps most prominently in "Turquoise Hexagon Sun"), many fans feel the ambient noise actually adds to the recording. At any rate, since the live version is the only known recording, listeners have become used to the noise as part of the track.

Twoism forum poster zeitgeist offers some interpretations of what's being said:

so, i remember a similar thread awhile ago about distracting noises in the atp/warp live sets. i couldn't find it using search, so apologize if i'm retreading here. there's a hilarious (although fucking-annoying) moment in ATP track 7 where in my copy it sounds like someone getting hit in the face and the noises afterwards... i hope that's not a sample in the background?.... anyway, i just heard it because i'm baked for the first in awhile. figured i'd transcribe it. maybe you can hear it too?

(w=woman, m=man)

4:09 - [(W) "Oh fuck!"]
4:11-4:13 - [(M) "Stop that, .....don't..put..that in her eyes!"]
4:15 - [(W) "shit, man!"]
4:32-4:36 - [(M) mumbling], [(W) "....shit...right in my eye!"], [(M) "it's ok."]
4:38 - [(M) "it's only 'cuz it's used to the dark, that's all."]
4:39 - [(W) "yeah, but it still hurts!"]
4:45 - [(M) "You'll's only cuz your eyes are not used to the dark....your eyes are so (protected?)...your eyes...")

...or on second-thought, maybe the woman is tripping balls and is scared of the light. yea, that's definitely it.

the drama never stops.

EDIT: @ 8:22 - man says amongst clapping, "i wanna die!". hope that's in a "good" way.