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Running time 1:15
Appears on Geogaddi


  • Play "Dandelion" in reverse, and a richer melody will become evident. The "Dandelion" of the track is apparently a deep-sea creature, perhaps an anemone. Attempts to bring one to the surface resulted in its disintegration because of pressure changes. The narration describes attempts to make a device to bring one to the surface intact. [Oscar Bartos]
  • The Incredible String Band, one of the influences cited by the band and sampled numerous times, wrote a song called "Dandelion Blues"[1][2][3], from their 1966 eponymous debut album.

Samples / Lyrics[edit]

  • The vocal heard over the track is the narration of Leslie Nielsen from "Dive to the Edge of Creation", a National Geographic documentary from 1979.[4] The sample can be heard at around 40:18 into the film. He also served as the host of The Explorers, as well as narrating The Blue Frontier series of nature films, along with several other nature films for National Geographic.

"When lava pours out near the sea surface, tremendous volcanic explosions sometimes occur. In time, submarine sea-mounts or islands are formed. When lava flows underwater, it behaves differently. And a new contraption to capture a 'dandelion' in one piece has been put together by the crew. The preparation for a dive is always a tense time. When lava pours out near the sea surface, tremendous volcanic explosions sometimes occur..."


  • Dandelions or Sea Dandelions (Dromalia alexandri) are a species of sea anemone [5] [6]


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