Geogaddi listening parties

To promote the release of Boards of Canada's second full-length album, Geogaddi, Warp Records held a series of Geogaddi listening parties in selected major cities world-wide.


According to Warp, listening events were held in the following cities: [1] [2]


A limited number of tickets were given away by Warp Records. [5]

A review of the listening party was published on online music magazine

another one of those listening parties held by those cuddly warp people. the last one was quite fun and was held in the london planetarium for the aphex twin album 'drukqs'. this time round it's the boards of canada to show off their latest opus, 'geogaddi'. held in the beautiful confines of the union chapel in north london on a dank and stormy night.
the sound was deafening, the music sounded like them; all crunchy hip-hop beats, disembodied childrens voices and playful melodies. and it sounded good, although a friend did point out that anything at that volume would sound good. so we sat and listened, static images of scratchy super-8 film slowly wormed their way onto the large screen. disappointed not to see any of the actual films that the boards make. after a while some started to fidget, some made their way back to the bar, while others fell asleep.

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Comment from user K-reg: [6]


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