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James E. Thomas, aka Joyrex, is the administrator of WATMM. Previous to this, he ran the Aphex Twin site Joyrex.com.

His many years running one of the most preeminant electronic music pages has given contacts with a number of well-known artists, including Boards of Canada. As a result, he is well-respected for his knowledge about the band and is generally considered to be privy to closely-guarded information about the band and their legendary unreleased catalog.

Joyrex was involved in the Old Tunes saga, much of which unfolded on the WATMM forums. His credibility was damaged, however, when he initially denied the authenticity of the tapes. He later recanted and admitted that the tapes are legitimate, explaining his earlier denial as an effort to comply with the bands wishes and discourage the spread of the tapes. It was later discovered that he himself has original copies at least some of the Old Tunes tapes, as well as BoC Maxima.

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