Light, Clear Hair

Light, Clear Hair
Running time 0:41 (9 second overlap with Spectrum, 26 second overlap with P:C:)
Appears on Old Tunes Vol. 1


Samples / Lyrics[edit]

Two women speaking, presumably on a television show:

  • Woman #1: "Wearing light-colored hosiery like that makes your legs look larger. Do you know that?"
  • Woman #2: "No. I don't want them larg--"
  • Woman #1: "And the shoes, the high-buckle in the instep also squashes your legs--"
  • Woman #2: "Really?"
  • Woman #1: "So we're gonna do something else there. Let's talk about color for a minute--"
  • Woman #2: "All right."
  • Woman #1: "Nikki. You like green--"
  • Woman #2: "Mmm hmm"
  • Woman #1: "And green's gonna be nice on you, but this one is decapitating you."
  • Woman #2: "Really?"
  • Woman #1: "Light, clear hair, beautiful skin tone and eyes, this is much better."
  • Woman #2: "Much better, isn't it?"
  • Woman #1: "That's too heavy for you."



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