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Marcus Eoin

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Marcus Eoin Sandison (born May 27th 1973) is one of the two founding members of 'Boards of Canada'. His brother, Michael Peter Sandison, makes up the other half of the musical duo. Growing up in a musical family, despite being a Scottish national and retaining the local accent, he and Michael migrated between Scotland and Canada as children and this has lead to many of the major influences on their musical output over their adult life. This includes the namesake of the group 'Boards of Canada' which was inspired by 'The National Film Board of Canada', a Canadian documentary film service that he and Mike watched regularly during their time in Canada.



  • While Marcus and Michael are indeed brothers, sharing the family name Sandison, Marcus continues to use the name Marcus Eoin for professional reasons. Their relationship as brothers was only revealed in a 2005 interview with Pitchfork Media.

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