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Oscar See through Red Eye

Oscar See Through Red Eye
Running time 5:08
Appears on The Campfire Headphase


  • The title could be a reference to the 1995 multimedia CD-ROM "Bad Day on the Midway" by the avant-garde band The Residents. In one part of the game you can see through the eyes of a rat named Oscar, and when you do so, everything is a monochromatic red. The scene can be clearly seen in this YouTube clip, around the 38 second mark.[1]

Sample / Lyrics[edit]

  • At 0:35 and throughout, the piano is possibly sampled from Augustus "Gussie" Clarke - Rocking Vibration.
  • At around 00:32 on the 'Bad Day on the Midway' video, there is a sound very similar to the one appearing at 00:27 and throughout in "Oscar See through Red Eye".
  • Another sound that appears at 01:04 on the 'Bad Day...' video may be heard at 01:34 in the song.



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