Protect and Survive (films)

Protect and Survive was a series of short films created in the 1970s to educate and instruct the British public on what to do in the event of a nuclear war.

Elements of these films have been incorporated in Boards of Canada's visuals.

Live visuals[edit]

Live visuals Protect and Survive
BOC-live-05.jpg Protect and Survive - Casualties - 00001202.jpg
BOC-live-07.jpg Protect and Survive - Action After Warnings - 00006066.jpg
BOC-live-08.jpg Protect and Survive - Action After Warnings - 00000789.jpg



Each film ended with a short animated logo sequence. The music for this ident is an eerie synthesized tune, not unlike some of band's early work.


DD Home Entertainment logo

A DVD compilation was released in 2005 by DD Home Entertainment. Unfortunately, DD Home Entertainment has been in administration since August 2007, which may make it hard to find. However, it is still available from a number of online retailers in the UK.

DVD release info:

  • Release date: 18-Jul-2005
  • Catalog number: 121322 / DD21322
  • Barcode: 5019322213222
  • Runtime: 215 minutes
  • Format: PAL
  • DVD region: 2

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