Hi I'm brand new to this. Where is the Taylor guitar BOC mentions. Sandison: "I have a lovely new Taylor Big Baby steel-string guitar. It didn't cost much, but it has a really great crystal sound with long sustain. And it's unvarnished, so it still smells like the workshop, like sawdust in the woodwork classroom." (Northern Exposure. Remix. July 2002) That should definitely be in the equipment page. Right?

Where is the portable DAT mentioned in the same article? There weren't many of these made. so it could only be a few models possible. I could be wrong about this, but that is what my research found.

If I were to guess, I would say that the tascam 4 track they use is a 244. If you've ever seen one of these you would understand why I think this. It has UV meters! I was drooling over one on ebay, but it was too expensive FOR ME. Without a doubt the coolest looking 4 track ever made. I believe it was the first 4 track cassete recorder ever made as well. Right up BOC's alley. Also, coincidently I recently read Autechre used one entirely for recording Amber and they also hinted that they may have used it entirely for tri repetae. However, the tracking may have been hooked up to an Atari computer for sequencing purposes. Not entirely sure about the Atari details. But when you listen to Amber or tri repetae you'll notice that it's a warm analoguesque sound for a electronic record, much like a BOC record. Maybe that's going too far. your call.

Thanks for letting me share this.

Yamaha synth in Lighthouse concert[edit]

Regarding the Yamaha synth seen in photos of the Lighthouse concert, couldn't this also be an AN1x rather than a CS1x? It seems equally-likely.