White Cyclosa

Behind the scaling tones and the eerie chord pitches it really sounds like helicopter blades. Could this song be related to Split Your Infinities?

If you watch the video where they took the background monologue from (or read about FEMA Camp conspiracy theories) the theme of helicopters comes up a lot. This includes the possibility that the government will use them to transport people to the camps in the event of martial law or a major disease outbreak. Maybe this is the point in the album's 'plot' in which the government has begun to intern people at these camps due to disease outbreak (because of other song titles i.e. "Sick Times", "Cold Earth", and "Come to Dust"). Gemini was the name of the disease created by the government to diminish the population and give a front for why citizens must report for relocation to FEMA camps via helicopter.

White Cyclosa is a spider that sets up decoys or scapegoats of in its likeness to draw attention away from itself and successfully kill, just as the government might set up scapegoats of "terrorism", "disease outbreak", or other instances to sustain its survival in the face of threat.