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The Color Purple

title The Color Purple
author Steve Beckett
publication Self-Titled Mag
date 2009-09-04

The Color Purple: From Aphex Twin to Autechre, Chris Cunningham to Boards of Canada, Steve Beckett Gives Us a Guide to Warp’s 20 Year is a 2009 interview with surviving Warp Records co-founder Steve Beckett published on self-titled magazine's website on 4 September 2009. In the article, Beckett comments on the label's artists, including a section on Boards of Canada.

Original Text[edit]

Unlike with Aphex [Twin], I’m in constant contact with them. They’re just absolute perfectionists—they won’t let anything slip through the net that they aren’t 100-percent comfortable with. They’ll literally have 150 to 200 tracks and try to narrow it all down to the best 18 for an album, or something like that. They’ll throw away two or three albums to get to one.

Most people look at them as electronic artists, but they can also sit down and strum acoustic guitars, or play the piano, next to each other and sing harmonies. They’ve just got amazing musical knowledge and skills that comes through the music. They’re definitely closer to [a new record], but their concept of time is different than most people.


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