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The Way You Show

The Way You Show
Running time 2:52
Appears on Old Tunes Vol. 1


Samples / Lyrics[edit]

  • The lyrics may be in Arabic

Ismalla Alaik
Inta Qalbi
Walla El Sho

  • Alternatively

Hey, Annie (Hey, Annie)
What you gonna do? (What you gonna do?)
The way you show (Way you show)
What you gonna do? (What you gonna do?)

  • The "hook" from "Celebration" by Kool & The Gang, featuring a chorus singing "yahoo!", appears throughout the song.
  • Synthesizer chords are a sample of "Make That Move" by Shalamar - this also appears throughout the song.
  • Pitched-up spoken vocals are heard in alternating channels every two beats. The "lyrics" are hard to decipher.
  • An ascending glissando on a harp is heard periodically.
  • The version of "Smokes Quantity" appearing on Music Has the Right to Children may share a heavily-flanged sample with "The Way You Show"; however, the resemblance on both tracks may just be due to the use of the same effect rather than a common sample.[1]
  • The drum fill used at 0:51 and elsewhere in the song is the exact same drum fill as the one in the entirety of "R35TT A07".



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