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Boards of The Underground

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Mask 100 compilation) (Skam, 1996)
Darkness visible:: slurring synths and an uneasy, off-kilter rhythm.
  • Untitled (from Mask 200 as Hell Interface) (Skam, 1997)
Even darker, harder, faster side of the Boards. "Who are Hell Interface?" they ask.
  • Michael Fakesch "Surfaise" (Boards of Canada remix) (Warp, 1997)
Spacious, dissonant, slightly disembodied ambience.
  • Mira Calix "Sandsings" (Boards of Canada remix) (Warp, 1997)
Boards render Warp's press officer's warblings intelligble.
  • Jack Dangers "Prime Audio Soup" (Boards of Canada remix) (Play it Again Sam, 1998)
Respectful to the Meat Beat man, this is a curious, slightly gothy hybrid.
  • "Aquarius" (seven-inch single) (Skam, 1998)
A different version to the one on Music. Sesame Street meets Kraftwerk meets the between-scenes bits from Seinfeld.
  • Music Has the Right to Children (Skam/Warp, 1998)
Music has The Right to Children claimed not just children but grown adults of shock both sexes.
  • Bubbah's Tum "Dirty Great Mable" (III, 1998)
Unusually beat-heavy, balanced by their trademark use of kids' voices and big, spooky chords. Their final mix.
  • "Orange Romeda" (from We Are Reasonable People compilation) (Warp, 1999)
Very much in the Music. vein. Children's voices, bird's wing percussion and yearning, half-heard synth melodies.
  • Peel Sessions (Strange Fruit, 1999)
Reworks of "Aquarius" and "Olson", plus newie "Happy Cycling".
  • In a Beatiful Place Out in the Country EP (Warp, 2000)
OK, so it's an EP not an album, and it's not exactly a revolutionary departure, but when familiar ground is this gorgeous, who's complaining?

interview by Richard Southern, December 2000.


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