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Running time 0:40
Appears on Old Tunes Vol. 1

"Blockbusters" is a short interlude of samples from the popular British television game show of the same name, edited together for humorous effect.


Samples / Lyrics[edit]

From an episode of the British television game show Blockbusters:

  • Kathy: "??? I'll have a 'W' then please, Bob."
  • Bob: "'W'. What 'W' was the name of Bob Marley's group?" (buzzer) "Wah ha ha ha ha! Everybody worked for it, Kathy got there"
  • Kathy: "Waltzer."
  • Bob: "Yes it is! Waltzer. Gosh you took a chance. Well done!" (bell) "And for those who don't know, that's the one that...people are spun round as it revolves. It's a waltzer. And you've got the choice."
  • Kathy: "I'll have the 'M' please, Bob."
  • Bob: "The 'M'. Yes, you may. What 'M' is a garden flower whose bright orange petals are u-- Yes, Sarah."
  • Sarah: "Football"
  • Bob:"That's it! That's perfect! You've done it! Terrific! Well done. Wowee, I was a little bit worried there. You did it, and here's the big prize, Kathy. Take a look at this; you're gonna love it."


  • The game show is notable for its game board composed of hexagons.


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