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Buckie High

Buckie High
Running time 5:16
Appears on Old Tunes Vol. 2


  • The song title could be a reference to 'Buckfast', colloquially "Buckie", a tonic wine infamous in Scotland for its potency and extremely high caffeine content. 'High' in this context would be a refrence to being intoxicated.[1]
  • Alternatively, the title may be a reference (like "The Beach At Redpoint") to a real place in Scotland; Buckie is a small fishing town in the county of Moray. Scottish schools are like their American Counterparts known as High Schools (Secondary in England). It's a possibility that they or friends/relatives may have attended this school, influencing the title. More nostalgia for their childhood?[2] Coincidentally, perhaps, there is a café near Buckie High School called Sandisons.[3]

Samples / Lyrics[edit]

The beginning of the song sounds similar to:


This track was written in 1994.[4]


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