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John Peel (radio programme)

The Peel Session was recorded especially for the John Peel Radio Programme on BBC Radio 1. The peel session was recorded in-part for John Peel's show 16th June 1998 and was broadcast in it's entirety 21st July 1998. The recording track list as follows:


  1. "Aquarius"
  2. "Happy Cycling" (Changed From Bad Day)
  3. "Olson"
  4. "XYZ"

Credits Include:

  1. Producer - Mike Robinson
  2. Engineer - Fred Kay
  3. Studio - Maida Vale 4


  • XYZ was the only track broadcast live on 16th June 1998 with John Peel talking with Boards Of Canada briefly before their performance.
  • The only recordings from that session that have been officially released are Aquarius and Olson. For reasons unclear the recordings of Happy Cycling and XYZ from that session were not part of the Peel Session release the following year.

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