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Powerhaus is a club in Islington, London. Boards of Canada played a show here in support of Seefeel on 31 October, 1999.


[edit] Location

240 Seven Sisters Rd
Finsbury Park, N4 2HX

[edit] Blech

Blech night at the Powerhaus
Online flyer for 24 April 1999

Blech was the name of a monthly club night run by Warp Records.

The first Blech night was established in Sheffield in May 1996. A second Blech night in New York in January 1997. Warp brought a third Blech night to London in October 1997.

[edit] Blech London

  • Blech 01 (31 Oct 1997): Seefeel w/ Boards of Canada
  • Blech 02 (28 Nov 1997): Autechre w/ Cylob
  • Blech 03 (30 Jan 1998): Plone
  • Blech ?? (27 Mar 1998): Plaid w/ Strictly Kev
  • Blech ?? (24 Apr 1999): To Rococo Rot w/ Aphex Twin (DJ)
  • Blech ?? (May 1999): Aphex Twin (DJ)

They appear to have ended by September 1998.

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