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Satellite Anthem Icarus

Satellite Anthem Icarus
Running time 6:05
Appears on The Campfire Headphase


  • The acronym for the title is S.A.I., otherwise known as Strong Artificial Intelligence, or Strong AI. Marcus of Boards of Canada is known to have studied Artificial Intelligence in university.
  • By blending of the words in the title, one can form the phrase "satanic elite them are us" (Satellite Anthem Icarus).


  • Beginning at 4:14, a whisper can be heard saying "Satellite."


  • Icarus is a character in Greek Mythology who loses his wings when he flies too close to the sun. Icarus and his father were imprisoned on an island and determined to escape by constructing themselves wings and flying from captivity. During their escape, Icarus deviated from the careful lead of his father, flying too high, where the sun melted the wax holding his wing’s feathers together. As a result, Icarus fell from the sky and drowned in the ocean below. Icarus is also quite literally a celestial body orbiting the sun, and could even be considered a satellite, depending on the definition.


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