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Running time 6:09
Appears on Boc Maxima


  • From 2:40 to 5:09 there is looped sample that is analogous to sharp nasal breathing or rushing water.
  • Furthermore, from 2:40 to 5:09, there is a persistent drum pattern overlaying the background percussion that resembles a beating heart.


"When I'm with a friend / then I feel proud, and there's a Proud Me, too. / When I'm with a friend / then I feel proud, and there's a Proud Me, too. / - Me, too. / Right now, I'm the Loving Me; isn't he cute? And after I've done a real good job - I've cleaned my room, or something like that - then I feel proud, and there's a Proud Me, too. And when I'm with a friend, and we're having a good time, then I'm the Happy Me. But when my friend has to go home, then I feel a little sad, so I turn into the Sad Me. Anyway, there sure are a lot of different Me's, just like you have a lot of different You's. Well, we're going outside to - outside to play now, I hope all the different You's have fun, too! Bye!"

  • The voice has been distorted so that it no longer sounds like a child. Vocals come in at 1'57", and begin again at 2'56", 3'55", 4'54". The last time the vocals come in, they fade out at 5'40", at "anyway, there sure are a lot -".
    • The original vocals found in the Sesame Street clip: MP3 sample [1]
    • Modified to make it sound (marginally) more like the vocals as they are heard in Whitewater: MP3 sample [2]


  • [Plaster] mentions several possible references: whitewater as in white water rafting.



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