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YouTube Boards of Canada group -- feel free to add new Boards of Canada related videos to this group.


Dayvan Cowboy

"Dayvan Cowboy" directed by Melissa Olson

The first official video, released online and in a promo DVD included with WarpMart pre-orders of Trans Canada Highway.


"Invocation" directed by Melissa Olson

Promo video for Trans Canada Highway and bonus feature on the Japanese release.


BMW 7-Series

"Pool" -- directed by Daniel Barber

"Kid For Today" from In a Beautiful Place Out in the Country used on a European BMW automobile ad featuring the 7-Series luxury sedan.


"Statistics" -- directed by Chris Cunningham

"The Color Of The Fire" and "5-9-78", used on a European Nissan automobile ad. "5-9-78" is not commercially available, but can be found on the bootleg A Few Old Tunes.

Telecom Italia

"Quiet" -- directed by Chris Cunningham

"Untitled", used on a commercial for Telecom Italia, directed by Chris Cunningham, who is also well-known for his video work with Aphex Twin. This piece is not commercially available but a portion of this track seems to be sampled on "A is to B as B is to C" from the Geogaddi album. Coincidentally, the commercial features movie star Leonardo DiCaprio.

Fan Made

WATMM video contest

WATMM hosted a Boards of Canada video contest in late 2002. The videos were judged by Mike and Marcus themselves, who picked the winners as follows:

  1. gyroscope -- created by billy clayton
  2. june 9th -- created by anon
  3. corsair -- created by magnus hedberg

Other entries: