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'84 Pontiac Dream

'84 Pontiac Dream
Running time 3:49
Appears on The Campfire Headphase
Knight Rider: A 1984 Pontiac Trans-Am


  • Part of the melody in a recurring section of the track is built from what sounds like a 1980's corporate jingle (e.g. at 0:27-0:30 on the right channel). This helps the listener remember (if they lived through it) the time period when corporations and organizations were using a certain type of synthetic sound for their catchy jingle melodies to seem "futuristic" and "forward-thinking" while their logo was displayed on the TV. For many this sound should create a nostalgic feeling. Today we still come across these audio-visual artifacts on certain old VHS tapes, which are usually pretty worn out and imperfect, further enhancing the nostalgia when we re-experience them. BoC, using a jingle in a track with such a title, might be illustrating how certain sensory perceptions experienced repetitively in waking life (as these jingles were in 1984) can become part of the texture in a dream and furthermore that the worn quality of the recording reflects the imperfect quality of memory.
  • In a recent interview from Humo Magazine, Marcus Eoin elaborates upon the above comment.

MARCUS EOIN (enthusiastic) "Did you hear that on Campfire, I played a small part that resembles the jingle of Stephen J. Cannell Productions – you know, the producer of The A-Team?" Whether or not this particular jingle appears in this track is unknown.[1]

Samples / Lyrics[edit]

  • The sampled piano chord from 1'02 on comes from the second part of "Chromakey Dreamcoat" (at 4'29).


  • Pontiac were a make of American automobiles manufactured by General Motors.
  • Chief Pontiac was a well-known Native American leader, for whom the automobile make was named.
  • The car from the well-known 1980's television show "Knight Rider" was a 1984 Pontiac Trans-Am.


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